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ARTURO – Sirolo (Marche)


Nestled on the beautiful beach Urbani of Sirolo, it is Arturo, one of the best fish restaurants on the Adriatic coast, in the province of Ancona.
Urban, with its white pebbles caressed by the blue sea, is a charming beach nestled in a cove of about 270m, and is a popular destination for many tourists during the day, thanks to the beauty but also the recognition of blue flag that can boast for several years. In the adjacent creeks, accessible only by foot or by sea, are the wildest San Michele, and follow, the famous beach Sassi Blacks, so named for the color of dark rocks in the sea a few meters from the shore.


Along the only road leading to the beach there are a slew of gates that serve as doors to the ancient caves dug into the rock and once used by fishermen as storage for boats. Today they are used as a true and proper steps to support local families that are fortunate enough to still have one property and have them equipped with almost everything you need to look like miniloft.


The boats now rest side by side in a corner of the beach Urbani, all with a white cover with blue stripes, which makes them perfectly ordered and characteristics of the site.

In the evening this place turns into a magical bay charming and romantic made even more special by the restaurant Arturo. Extremely attention to detail, with taste and simplicity, is a place where professionalism and courtesy are the masters. You can eat almost “pieds dans l’eau” or the equally pleasant veranda.


The menu is related to the Catch of the day, and it’s really worth to choose one of the freshest fish you propose. But you should not miss the Padellaccia Sea, done mostly with mussels, shrimp, clams, squid and toasted bread. It is one of the most traditional dishes and here is made to art. It is also a way to sample the famous mussels of Portonovo, ie the wild mussels that are reproduced naturally and living exclusively attached to submerged rocks of the Conero Coast and surroundings. Initially the mussels grew only on the Rock the Roof Beam, then were extended to the rocks nearby, and thanks to the peculiar characteristics of this rocky cliff, unable to reproduce itself spontaneously and in quantities sufficient to be caught and sold in the local restaurants, but they are carefully protected and regulated, so as to be inserted between the Deans Slow Food in 2004. Recommended cooked even yourself marinara or Taranto.


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