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After 15 years as a Wine producer from Marche and Tuscany, it is impossible for me, now that I gave up the family wineries that I had, to stay out of this world in which I grew up. I have developped for the wineworld to much passion, knowledge and experience. And so, here I am to share what I have learned in those year as Marketing Director, PR, Export manager, Sommelier and above all as a sincere Wine Lover!!
I’m happy to share in this site, what I consider really significant in the wine world, the key events, the most influential or simply the most brilliant connaisseurs, the wines and wineries that I love the most, the successful wine&food pairings , the most interesting restaurants, the gourmet routes that worth the trip, and everything could be curious, original and fun in this enogastronomic and fantastic world. Maybe you’ll see me just as another wine blogger or perhaps as a collector of emotions, or maybe as an important source of information. For me, it is first of all a way to completely express my passion, and secondly it’s a handbook where you can find everything it is helpfull to know about this fascinating and complex world, as a professional or as a simple wine lover!

I would be very happy if you will participate in my blog with comments, questions, or just with your presence.

I thank you therefore for being here with me and if you have something to report me please do not hesitate to contact me on chiara@vino.tv

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