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CAPALBIO FARM – Capalbio (Tuscany)

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CapalBIOFattoria was founded in 2001 by the family Montino, and followed mainly by two brothers, Fabio and Luca. It is located in Tuscany, in the beautiful Maremma, near the magnificent city of Capalbio, in the province of Grosseto.

Their philosophy goes beyond the simple concept of environmentalism: They believe strongly in environmental protection and develop this concept in their way of life and in advancing the protection of the ecosystem and biodiversity, in absolute respect of all forms of life.
The farm consists of 136 hectares, of which 86 are vineyards, olive grove, orchard and 50 acres with woods where wild Chianina cows and Maremma live in freedom along with donkeys, horses and other animal species.
Their main activity is the wine production however, and the first vintage dates back to 2006. From the beginning we have focused on the production of high quality vino Biologico. Wines of CapalBIOFattoria want to be faithful expression of their territory, and produced mainly with Sangiovese grapes for the reds and Ansonica for white wines, two varieties which in Tuscany find their best Terroir.
The Vineyards … About 12 hectares of production of wine strictly BIO …
The Animali Felici … donkeys who run towards you when you arrive at CapalBIOFattoria!
Donkeys grazing Monte Amiata the serene forest in the large property together with Chianina cows, Maremma, and the fauna as porcupines, wild deer, foxes …
The Famous Chianina cows that graze in statobrado in 136 acres of CapalBIOFattoria ..
Ansonica and Sangiovese vines are the two main production of Wines of Biological CapalBioFattoria …

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