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BUCCI – Ostra Vetere (Marche)


Vineyards in six different plots in order to have the terroir and different expressions that are then “skilfully mixed as does a cook with the ingredients” to put it as the first Ampelio. They are divided between the area of ​​Serra de ‘Conti and Montecarotto, and have different heights and exhibitions. 2 of appreciations are younger, the last one in 2003, with clones from internal selection.
For 13 years the land is completely converted to organic, and using various experimental methods, such as taking away from the rotten wood screws with the stonemason, a sort of readjustment technique Simonit.
The oldest vineyard has at least 52 years, and by exceptional results because it absorbs a lot of energy should be treated plant to plant, replanting and taking care to screw the screw.

In Cantina stand of large old barrels in which Ampelio encloses its treasures. Verdicchio is vinified in stainless steel, keeping strictly separate the various vineyards. After vinification pass in various barrels, more than 20 years old.
Very interesting tasting from 6 large barrels, old more than 80 years, that even though we are exhausted, manage to express Verdicchio so very different. Two were so good and ready me that I would be taken away in carafe, with the remainder still pawed a freshness too young, too pungent, but still promising. Ampelio thanks for giving us this fun experience …
For assemblies Ampelio follows this philosophy: the Verdicchio Classico must have the same consistency, express the same typical characteristics and charm. The reserve instead would be more accurate expression of the different vintages, with its peculiarities, differences and problems.

This button 2013 Classic
Bucci Reserve 2010 smells very intense, fascinating and a mouth full and balanced. But even more I hit 2007 with its complexity and elegance, and a balance to be champion. Excellent 2004, but to leave without words is definitely the 2001. In addition to the fabulous intensity of the nose, winning for the surprising acidity which still gives off. A masterpiece. Then comes the 88 with scents so specific that you would like to stay there to find them all. Try to get to grips with how old and you can not understand how it can still be so perfect, so light in color, so pleasant to the taste, so charming nose. Dear friends I would just grow old so well I also !!!!

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